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Can You Keep A Secret?

Secret: not known or seen, or not meant to be known or seen by others

Have you ever had an exciting secret that you wanted to share, but God instructed you to wait? How great was it knowing that God was doing something in private, and it was a secret He wanted to just keep between the two of you?

God wants to reveal great and mighty things which you would've never known according to Jeremiah 33:3, but He wants to know He can trust you!

When you prematurely share your dreams, ideas, and visions, you give way to the enemy to try and do whatever he can to stop it. How does the enemy do this? Through people! Stop telling the secrets that God has revealed to you, to dream killers!

In Genesis 37:5, Joseph had a dream and he decided to share it with his brothers, and the scripture says 'they hated him ALL the more'! They already hated him, but his dream fueled the fire of hate. These were his own brothers.

Who are you sharing your dreams with? Who are you telling your ideas and visions to? How can you be sure they aren't secretly dream killers who will pray against what God has revealed to you?

The only way to be sure, is to move in silence, and let the secrets of God be your fuel to keep pressing. It's okay to let things be a surprise; you don't have to share everything.

Show God He can trust you with the secrets of His heart. Amen?

-Jamela Sherice

'Voice of Hope'

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