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Isn’t it crazy how the people closest to you (family, friends, whoever) will begin to talk about you when you grow out of the box they placed you in? They had an expectation for you, and when you surpass it, your growth begins to make them uncomfortable. They liked you lost, they liked you fat, they liked you hurting, they liked you sad and coming to them for comfort just to turn around and go talk about you to the next person. When someone has an idea of you that you grow out of, the conversation turns into ‘who does she think she is’, ‘what does she call herself doing now’, ‘won’t she just in the club the other week poppin and droppin it’?! See, those people don’t believe in the fullness of God, because He can change you overnight and have even you asking questions. I like to call this phase, 'Becoming'.

Listen, in this season, just know that you’re going to be the topic of conversation, but don’t worry about what anybody has to say. They are going to talk about you whether you're doing 'good' or 'bad', so don't let it get to you. God said, in this transition, people are going to start dropping out of your life, and don’t try to figure out why. Don’t be surprised and don’t be upset, LET THEM GO!! Some people will be so uncomfortable with your change, they’ll stop contacting you on their own, in fear of being found out; one thing for certain, two things for sure, when you get clear in your mind through Christ, He has already showed you and told you who these people really are… and if He hasn’t, He will.

Can I be H.O.T for a minute? [Humble, Open, and Transparent].

I have had visions of conversations where people are talking about me, and 1. It’s so clear that I know it’s exactly how it happened, and 2. I’m sure of this because I know how they use to do with me, talking about the next person openly, telling all they business. All in all, I couldn't even get upset about it, I had to stand firm in what I knew to be true; and without a word, I had to press on.

~You don't always have to address the situation. Silence speaks louder than words.~

What God has for you is for you, and no hater (or whatever you want to call them), can take that away from you.. ALL they can do is talk. While their talking, you need to be walking cause your transformation is more important than any stagnation you experienced when y'all were connected.

...AND when people try to check you with the 'you're acting funny', or ‘you think you better than’, politely tell them, "I’m not better than, but I AM different from"! Period,, and goodBYE LOL!

~Learn to love people from a distance.~

Go forth in the power, peace, and love of God. Until next time...

-Mela Sherice

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