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Worthy of Success!

You are worthy of success!

You are worthy of success!

You are worthy of success!

What does this mean?

Being worthy of success means that you have the necessary qualities and characteristics to achieve your goals and aspirations in life. For the people in the back...

You ALREADY have ALL that you need!

When you realize that you're deserving of the rewards that come with success, you will demolish the wall of fear that says "I'm not ready" OR "I'm not equipped"...

Sometimes, we trick ourselves by NOT doing the very things that will cause us to be successful, because we don't believe we can handle what comes next...

Feeling stuck? Do me a favor...

Revisit the last order of instruction God gave you and ask yourself the following:

  1. Did I do what He said?

  2. Did I do it how He instructed?

  3. Did I fully complete the task?

God has given you strategy through the tools that He's blessed you with and it's in your obedience of following His instruction that you'll find yourself on the other side of your current situation or circumstance.

Ultimately, being worthy of success is about being true to yourself, your values, and your purpose in life. It's about having the confidence and self-belief to pursue your dreams with passion and determination, while maintaining a sense of humility and gratitude for the opportunities that come your way.

I got good news:

Success awaits you.

Jamela Sherice

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